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SACRED stands for Simulated Auroral Cyclotron Radio Emissions Database

This database is devoted to stores simulations of the visibility of planetary radiosources emitting thanks to the Cyclotron Maser Instability (i.e. most of the known auroral radiosources in our solar system). The aim of the database is to provide simulations of the main referenced radiosources with several likely sources parameters for most of the actual observations that have been performed (that is simulating most of spacecraft trajectories at emitting planets).

The dynamic spectra are computed by the ExPRES simulation code developped at the LESIA laboratory of the Paris Observatory.

The SACRED database uses the IMPEx Simulation Datamodel to archive the simulations.

Since mid-2013, the web access to the database is done through the SILFE web tool.

For the XML access to the data base resources please use and for accessing the data files, please use the IMPEx getURL API at